36th st. & 6th ave., nyc, spring 2004

It is important to note here that stepping away from Bryant Park I saw what cannot be seen, due to low resolution, in the right panel: A new moon in the sky's Southwest quadrant, indicative in Hopi-Anasazi cosmology of Star Man, our constellation Orion. This is the thoughtful promontory off which this speaking steps:

"When the Anasazi gazed into the heavens, they
were not looking at an extension of the physical
world as we perceive it today but were witnessing
instead a manifestation of the spirit world. Much
like the Egyptian Duat, the Hopi Underworld
encompasses the skies as well as the region
beneath the surface of the earth. This is apparent
in the dichotomous existence of ancestor spirits
who live in the subterranean realm but periodically
return to their earthly villages as clouds bringing
the blessing of rain.

"...when looking up at Orion on a midwinter night,
we can imagine that our perspectives have
switched and we are suspended high above the
land, gazing to the southwest toward the sacred
katsina peaks and the head of the celestial Masau,
suffused in the evergreen forests of the Milky Way."