the c train, nyc, march 2004

I'm interested in perfections: Not the inexplicable eidiotic's realm Plato fixed but what is caught of use in the now, here. "Perfection" means "to do through," which might be taken as done thoroughly, or completely worked: Done until all its doings are done. Such practically is not attainable: As a thing (wherein I mean "meeting") is done, it is changed, so that as a thing is of parts it changes: As one works on a part one alters the whole, which means another meeting takes place, has taken place and will take place. That work displaces and so replaces a thing: Makes a new thing at every point. Endlessness yawns, reminding one of the saying that works are not finished but abandoned. But "to perfect" may pass along another line, which I would see through working what's there - the thing, or meeting - in its midst to another situation not anterior to it but that is (for lack of anything in words for what cannot be known in words) its inside out.

Perfection is not in what we do but what comes from out of what we do in what we do.