fall 2003, convent avenue, harlem, nyc

This is a collaboration with Aaron Kiely, albeit unbeknownst on his part - so appropriated on mine. It is all a mine and mined. Moments = explosions.

We were away from our Harlem home on 142th Street along Convent Avenue to catch the A on 145th. I don't recall the goal of our going expect that as we walked his cell phone rang, and he began to speak to his dad, snatches of which conversation from Aaron's end are interlaced with my speaking, which began part way into his conversation, being suddenly more alone. I recall seeing a "tree lit from below" and thought of Edgar Allen Poe.

"Self" is derived from the PIE *sel-bho-, from base *s(w)e- meaning "separate, apart." We are ever alone, and yet when an aggregate of such come together there is the perception of something more. In this case there are four.