wednesday, july 19, 2001

From fire on the mountain @ coconut twelve (2008)

The subtitle is from a Marshall Tucker Band tune of the same name that goes, "fire on the mountain/ lightning in the air/ gold in them hills/ and it's waiting for me there."

Perhaps it is a red gold to which this thing refers ("a red balloon emerging out of a toilet") and which the book Street Mete consists of, but "fire on the mountain" is god's voice, viz. "there on the mountain from out of the fire" (Deuteronomy, 5:22), delivering the 10 commandments to Moses to etch on two stone tablets, subsequently smashed.

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Sam Truitt

wednesday, july 19, 2001

fire on the mountain

like a red balloon emerging out of a toilet a woman

with a page of music open on her lap lip-syncs

gesturing with her hand

left is where my broken pinkie is

the ancient water breathing out of outer space

this book consists of