there is no abstract




crack baggie sidewalk
crack dandelion down
through and up in spent
head the fluff
blown away so
many cracks and so
many dandelions and
clouds are white
blue between cracks the green

there is no abstract

i entered the state lottery
last night at eddie’s deli
watched and waited—the ink
in this bic cold at 5:09
am so that even as i press it
is hard to render a clear impression
on the page the back
of which reads “the parties shall meet and discuss”
& “aspects of this article that are
of mutual interest” &
there is no abstract when what we
all may know is appearance when
words all all may convey
is appearance it all is appearance
is apparent there is no verity no
test in texture only feeling
numbs fingers alone abides
to watch wait "flow of rhythm in verse or music"
is cadence is "a falling" cadere
"to fall" the case to befall to
chance the future is a flow
chants to befall to know flows off
armenian chacnum "to fall, become
low," perhaps also casar
"hail, lightning" there is no distant

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